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J A M M I E   H O L M E S 

[b. 1984 – Thibodaux, LA ::: lives & works – Dallas, TX]


Born in Thibodaux, Louisiana, a small city 45 minutes from New Orleans Louisiana, JAMMIE HOLMES now lives in Dallas, Texas where he has created an impressive body of work. His paintings are raw with emotions and provide the viewer with an inside look into Holmes’ complex mind. His pieces touch on religious, political and contemporary issues.

His bold and expressive paintings are reflections of his upbringing and life events around the world. As a result, many people are fascinated by his story. The value of Holmes' art is steadily increasing, thanks to a growing number of private collectors and celebrity admirers nationwide. He currently has artwork being showcased abroad at Mega Art Gallery in Italy.​

The artist says of his work...


I create art because I feel I have been commissioned by the children and adults that grew up like me; not only from my city but across the world. I’m giving voices to those who have no voice; from the kids in the ghettos of Louisiana to the child soldiers in Africa. When I create, I paint in a stream of conscious flow. I prefer to paint with raw emotion, making sure to never get too attached to previous layers, instead, I let them guide me as I continue to add images, symbols, and words in the quest to convey the message burning inside my head. Some of my pieces have hidden words behind them that tell a deeper story. Some have other paintings under the final layers of paint that were just as powerful as the image in front. Each piece has a soul. Each piece is made for you to take a little bit of me or a bit of the world with you. Although my work often gets compared to John Michael Basquiat’s style, he is not my biggest influence. My biggest influence is Gordon Parks’ body of photographic works. Parks was commissioned by the world and he captured poignant, yet raw images of everyday people in their natural state. His work spoke to me and I decided to help share the stories he started and the stories of my life in my artwork.


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2019    Art Miami, Exhibiting with Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, Miami, FL 

           CHURCH Boutique, Los Angeles, CA 

           EYE TO EYE, Band of Vices, Los Angeles, CA 

           Our Revolution: Civil Rights Memories, Stella Jones Gallery, New Orleans, LA 

           No Dead Artists, Juried Group Exhibition, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, LA 

           LA ArtCore 5th Annual Juried Exhibition, LA ArtCore, Los Angeles, CA 

2018   My Colors Exhibit, Pocket Art Studio, Rome, Italy 

           Mega Art Gallery, Corchiano, Italy 

           Conception Art Show, Dallas, Texas 

           New Members Exhibition, TVAA Gallery, Dallas, Texas 

2017   Conception Art Show, Dallas, Texas 



2019   D Magazine, Meet Up-and-Coming Dallas Painter Jammie Holmes

2018   Voyage Dallas, Check Out Jammie Holmes’ Artwork

2017   African American News and Issues, My Dallas Conception Art Show Experience 2017



Lenny Kravitz Private Collection 

QC Music Private Collection 

Tariq Trotter (Black Thought from The Roots) Private Collection 

Shawn Gee Private Collection 

Rodney Burns Private Collection