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[Los Angeles, CA ::: b. 1991 - Idyllwild, CA]

RICHELLE GRIBBLE is a multidisciplinary artist exploring planetary connectivity. Her work examines networks and systems-based investigations to reflect the ways human impact, technology, and environment interact and evolve. She is a represented artist with JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY exhibiting worldwide. She has had solo shows in Los Angeles, New York, Japan, and international orbit around Earth etched on satellites and aboard rockets. She has exhibited at renowned art fairs including Art Market San Francisco, Texas Contemporary, and Miami Project and had her artwork illuminated on a LED screen in Times Square NYC.


Gribble has completed 14 art residencies as part of her project The Nomadic Artist, where she travels the world to reflect social and environmental changes across the globe. Awarded residencies include Vermont Studio Center, Awagami Factory, Kala Fellowship, and many more. Work presented in a TEDxTrousdale talk “What is our Role within a Networked Society?” and published in The Creator’s Project, The Atlantic, Artillery Magazine, and VICE. She is a writer for the Kepler Space Institute examining the arts and humanities in space and is a Planet Ambassador at Planet Labs, an Earth-imaging satellite company devoted to use space to help life on Earth.


A strong advocate for bridging science and art, Gribble leads collaborations across industries with exhibitions at rocket companies, arboretums, bio-laboratories, hospitals, airports, and outer space. She founded The Nook Gallery, a gallery devoted to highlighting artists merging science, art, and technology. She is a curator and board member for Femmebit, an art and technology festival celebrating women in video and new media as well as co-coordinates Byte of Science, a monthly lecture series uniting artists and scientists in Los Angeles, CA. She earned her BFA in Studio Arts from the Roski School of Art and Design with dual minors in Social Entrepreneurship and Marketing at the University of Southern California, in 2013.


I explore life at all levels of living systems – organisms, social systems, and ecosystems – to examine and promote our interdependence. Under closer scrutiny, neural-like nodes of connectivity reveal themselves as even smaller networks. By visually revealing structural patterns and characteristics within cross-disciplinary and embedded networks, the blending of distinct social, biological, and technological systems form one integrated whole – the Earth. My work has evolved from comparing networks (molecular systems, social networks, neural pathways, freeways systems) to deep analyses of their interactions. How does connectivity, for better or for worse, influence our lives and our future? 


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2013  BFA, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Minor Degrees in Social Entrepreneurship & Marketing 
2009   Idyllwild  Arts  Academy,  Visual  Arts  Major,  Idyllwild,  CA



2019   Invisible Structures, Franco Moragrega Gallery, San Diego, CA

2018   Anthropocene, JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY, New Orleans, LA

            Networked Life, Spaceworks, Tacoma, WA

            Hubs, Links, Connectors, Community Center Gallery, Auburn, WA

            Merge: networks, hubs, connectors, Community Center Gallery, Auburn, WA

2017   On Place, INBE ART SPACE, Awagami Factory, Yoshinogawa, Japan

            Networks & Ecosystems, John Wayne Airport, Santa Ana, CA

            Organized Chaos,    Planet Labs, San Francisco, CA

            Plant Systems, Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanical Garden, Los Angeles, CA

            Living Systems, Totally Rad Gallery, Berkeley, CA 

2016   StudioWorks A-I-R, Tides Institute and Museum of Art, Eastport, ME

            Land, Sea, Air, Neptune’s Den Gallery, Eastport, ME

            Web of Life, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, LA

            Meural Digital Expo: Networks, Con Artist Gallery, New York, NY

2015   Intertwined, ICB Art Association, Gallery 111, Sausalito, CA  

            Wonder & Wander, Lynnwood Art Gallery, Lynnwood, WA             

2013   CONNECTED, Helen Lindhurst Fine Arts Gallery, Los Angeles, CA




2020   Spatium #1, Sustainability Development Goals 2010, UNESCO, Paris, France

2019   Citizens of the Future, Matsudo International Science Art Festival, Tokyo, Japan

            Weather the Weather, SciArt Center Initiative, New York Hall of Science, NY

            Coordinates: Augmented Reality and Public Art, 4th Wall App, Los Angeles, CA

            FEMMEBIT Festival 2019, Civic Center Studios, Los Angeles, CA

            FEMMEBIT: Multimedia & Virtual Reality, The Other Art Fair, Los Angeles, CA

            CONstitution, Con Artist Gallery, New York, NY

            Converge, Beacon Arts Building, Inglewood, CA

            Networked, SciArt Center of New York, The Nook Gallery, Inglewood, CA

            Dust, BrockusRed Dance, Ivy Substation Theater, Los Angeles, CA

2018   Spontaneous Emergence of Order, Biobat Art Space, Brooklyn, NY

            Inglewood Artists, Residency Gallery, Inglewood, CA

            Material Matters, Helen Lindhurst Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

            Vibrant Matter: Artworks Refiguring Form, The Nook Gallery, Inglewood, CA

            Waging Peace, Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

           On Beauty, Hazel Wolf Gallery, David Bower Center, Berkeley, CA

2017   Louisiana International Printmaking Exhibition  , Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, LA

           New Year, New Art, Neutra Institute Gallery & Museum, Los Angeles, CA

           Dear President, South Bay Contemporary, San Pedro, CA

           Cross Town Traffic, Manhattan Beach Art Center, Manhattan Beach, CA

           Shapes for Now, DAC Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2016   Miami Project 5, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, Miami, FL

           Texas Contemporary, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, Houston, TX

           artMRKT San Francisco Art Fair, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, San Francisco, CA    

           Widgets Etc. Open Studios, Downtown Studios, Los Angeles, CA  

           SciArt Center: The Bridge, School for Visual Art, New York, NY    

           Distinguishable from Magic, SciArt Center, New York, NY  

2015   Artist’s Annual, Kala Art Institute, Kala Gallery, Berkeley, CA    

           NO DEAD ARTISTS, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, LA  

           Collage Culture, Con Artist Gallery, New York, NY  

           West of the Sun, Residency Projects: New Works by Kala Fellows, Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA

           Art in Space, Blue Origin’s New Shepard space system, flight time 618.6 seconds, Outer Space

           PRESSED: A Printmaking Exhibition, Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA  

           Fresh & Local, Auction and Gala, Kala Art Institute Gallery, Berkeley, CA  

           USC Libraries Scripter Awards, Los Angeles, CA    



2019  The Arctic Circle, Svalbard, Norway

2018  Biosphere 2, Art and Science Residency, Oracle, AZ

          Lakeside Lab, Art and Science Residency, Wahpeton, IA

          Vermont Studio Center, Fellowship Award & Scholarship, Johnson, VT

          PLAYA, Art and Science Residency, Summer Lake, OR

2017  Awagami A.I.R, Artist Residency, Awagami Factory, Yoshinogawa, Japan

          Planet Labs, Artist Residency, San Francisco, CA

          Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, Artist Residency, Saratoga, WY

          The Chetwood,  Artist Residency, Oakland, CA 

          Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT

2016   StudioWorks Residency, Tides Institute & Museum of Art, Eastport, ME

2015   Kala Fellowship, Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA

            The Bridge Residency, SciArt Center of New York, NY

           ICB Artist Residency, ICB Artists Association, Sausalito, CA



Aramco Oil Art Collection, Houston, TX

Awagami Factory, Yoshinogawa, Japan

PLAYA Art & Science Collection, Summerlake, OR

Tides Institute and Museum of Art, Eastport, ME

Kala Art Institute Collection, Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA

Relativity Headquarters, Los Angeles, CA

Art & Trojan Traditions Collection, University of Southern California, CA 

Planet Labs, San Francisco, CA

Stanley & Ilene Gold Collection, Los Angeles, CA   

Morten Lauridsen Collection, Los Angeles, CA    

Julia & Oliver Baker Collection, Los Angeles, CA