August 12 – September 2, 2016



New York Artist Ted Riederer's Never Records project began in January 2010 in an abandoned Tower Records near Union Square in New York and has since been staged at the Liverpool Biennial and in: Derry, Ireland, New Orleans, Texas, and London where it was presented by the Tate Modern.

Ted's story is like many other artist's, his life was changed (saved) by music and art and this has led him to create an enduring legacy he is sharing all over the world.

Never Records is an ode to old school record stores and the communities they created.  The mission is simple: to bring people of diverse origins, backgrounds, and lifestyles together in the intimate fellowship that music never fails to create. In 2010, it was my distinct pleasure to bring Never Records to New a time when the city was going through the myriad changes in a Post Katrina environment.

You can read all about Never Records: New Orleans here.

I bore witness to the power of art to bring people together and create a sense of collective joy that was desperately needed. Ted spent over one month here, recording everything from spoken word to kids choirs to magical bands...sometimes six sessions a day.

- Jonathan Ferrara

Never Records Amman, Jordan...Culture Not Conflict will take place August 12 - 31, 2016 in the old city of Amman.

In a sea of regional carnage and instability, Amman has found a way to look beyond the morbid aspects of a capricious refugee crisis by embracing the explosion of multi-culturalism that has affected its social fabric. Amman’s recent reputation as a haven for Arab talents has caused signicant revolutions in the esoteric fields of ideas, music, arts, emancipation and expression – all of which has been overlooked by a media too focused on covering conflict over culture.