VOLTA12 - Basel, Switzerland

Booth C16

June 13 – 18, 2016


JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY is proud to present, for its fifth consecutive presentation at VOLTA Basel, a conversation between three female, American, abstract painters. Each of these artists, in their own respective styles and techniques, explore visual language to link the seemingly non-objective to references of the physical world.

MARGARET EVANGELINE [New York, NY ::: b. 1943] is a post-minimalist painter, video, performance, and installation artist. She uses unconventional and aesthetically resistant materials emerged in her paintings, and continues to explore new modes of mark making in her diverse and ever-evolving practice.

BONNIE MAYGARDEN [New Orleans, LA ::: b. 1987] is a photorealist painter and multimedia installation artist. She creates paintings without the aid of technology, yet is interested in making works that are informed by and react to a culture defined by a digital experience.

MARNA SHOPOFF [Indianapolis, IN ::: b. 1978] is an abstract painter who blends contemporary with classical approaches to art and spatial relationships. She uses philosophies of architecture and abstraction as a vehicle to investigate the perceptual intimacy she finds within public spaces.