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Born in Belgium in 1976, Ibeabuchi grew up in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.
He studied Fine and Applied Arts at the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, Nigeria where he majored in Painting and graduated with Distinction in 1999.

Issues that affect contemporary living largely influence his art. Always willing to push creative boundaries, he enjoys experimenting and also uses interdisciplinary approaches for his art creations in his search for new experiences. He worked as an Art Director in advertising for 15 years alongside his art practice before going into full-time studio practice. He functions as a Painter, Fashion Illustrator, Muralist, Art Director, Calligraphist, Designer and volunteers as Chief Coordinator Studio programs for Girl Child Art Foundation – a non-governmental organization.

Crowned the 1st Prize Winner of ART MASTERS CONTEST, Art Vancouver 2019, Ibeabuchi’s art has been understudied and used as cased studies for Project thesis by various University scholars across Nigeria. He is listed in the Smithsonian Institution Libraries Collections. He has exhibited in Nigeria, South Africa, U.S.A., London, Israel and Canada.

His works are published in FASHION: A SECOND LANGUAGE (Shoko Press, London, 2020), WATERCOLOR ARTSITS MAGAZINE (’Making a Goal’- April Edition, 2019), MASTERS OF WATERCOLORS (Planeta Muzyki Publishers, Finland, 2018), THE VILLAGER - How Africans Consume Brands (Tracey McDonald Publishers, South Africa, 2018), FASHION ILLUSTRATION AFRICA- A New Generation (Shoko Press, London, 2016), ARTIST OF NIGERIA (5 Continents Edition, Italy, 2021) amongst many others.

Ibeabuchi lives and maintains his studio in Lagos, Nigeria.

Artist Statement

Issues that affect contemporary living within the my physical and virtual environment largely inspire my art. This is based on personal life experiences, observations and concerns that constantly motivate me to create, as a way to document the impact of these matters in modern times.

My works majorly address cultural, social and political subjects. Presented in this group show is a body of oil on canvas works titled ‘All Will Be Well’. The series was created out of my interest in social experiment as a way to encourage the viewer to dig deep within and draw strength to remain strong based on the embittered times we live in - a time where issues about inequality, racism, bad governance, the current pandemic and so on intensely hurt humanity. Another piece is ‘Count Your Blessings’, an acrylic on canvas piece which basically highlights the importance of being thankful and essence of valuing everything life has to give, no matter how small.

I enjoy employing multidisciplinary approaches to my creations, in my quest for new experiences and audience’s engagement. The therapeutic angle of a creative process is highly treasured as it engages my senses and opens me up to new discoveries. My creative practice spans across Drawing, Painting, Mural, Fashion illustration, Art direction, Calligraphy and Designs.

I am currently expanding a body of works

In-between above stated projects, I engage myself with daily sketches of what I see around me, including probing the concept of contemporary fashion in my sketch pad as it intercedes with visual arts and their mutual relativity, as a way of visual journaling and an exercise to stretch my imaginations.

Ultimately, my goal is to be able to use my art as a crucial tool for social engineering.