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Ripped from the Headlines

March 30 – May 28, 2022

KAT FLYN, Ripped From The Headlines


Ripped From The Headlines

March 30 – May 28, 2022

Photography courtesy of Mike Smith 

KAT FLYN, Ripped From The Headlines


Ripped From The Headlines

March 30 – May 28, 2022

Photography courtesy of Mike Smith 

KAT FLYN, Ripped From The Headlines


Ripped From The Headlines

March 30 – May 28, 2022

Photography courtesy of Mike Smith 

KAT FLYN, Ripped From The Headlines


Ripped From The Headlines

March 30 – May 28, 2022

Photography courtesy of Mike Smith 

KAT FLYN, Ripped From The Headlines


Ripped From The Headlines

March 30 – May 28, 2022

Photography courtesy of Mike Smith 

KAT FLYN, Ripped From The Headlines


Ripped From The Headlines

March 30 – May 28, 2022

Photography courtesy of Mike Smith 

KAT FLYN, Ripped From The Headlines


Ripped From The Headlines

March 30 – May 28, 2022

Photography courtesy of Mike Smith 

KAT FLYN, Ripped From The Headlines


Ripped From The Headlines

March 30 – May 28, 2022

Photography courtesy of Mike Smith 

KAT FLYN, The Great Replacement, 2022


The Great Replacement, 2022

Handmade & painted wood circus wagon with wheels, wood billboard with hand painted baseball toss game, 2 hand carved & painted adult wood figures with 2 children and dog, hand carved & painted clown driver and tin monkey.

17h x 18w x 8d in


Census shows U.S. is diversifying, white population shrinking / AJC Aug 12, 2021
The Relentless Shrinking of Trump's Base / NY Times Oct 22, 2020
Fringe conspiracy theory has now become mainstream / CNN Sept 30, 2021
Racist Great Replacement Conspiracy went from Alt-Right to Mainstream / Business Insider Sept 7,

KAT FLYN, Underwater, 2022


Underwater, 2022

Handmade acrylic painting of cactus on canvas , hand carved wood figures, vintage handmade & painted ice fishing lures, hand carved waves in vintage farm crate

24h x 16w in


Rising sea to displace 500,000 New Orleans area residents, study says/ Times-Picayune Apr 20, 2017 Galveston Seawall, other cities will be under water by 2100 / Houston Chronicle Jun 19, 2019
Sea level rise could bring flooding to inland California / LA Times Aug 17, 2020
Rising sea levels to swallow Miami, New Orleans, study claims / Atlanta Journal (AJC) Oct 15, 2015

KAT FLYN, Karen, 2021


Karen, 2021

assemblage sculpture: Handmade old wood throne, hand carved wood puppet in old dress and boat flag sash, real pearls, vintage Rolex watch, probably fake, vintage painted pictures girls' career game pieces, handmade wood controller, antique sterling silver hand mirror. Hanging wall object or stand alone.

27h x 10w x 10d in


“Karen” Halloween Costume Slammed for “Profiting from Racism' / NY Post Oct 7, 2021

What is a Karen? The Dreaded 'White Lady' Meme Nickname Explained /NY Post Jul. 22, 2020 How the Karen Meme Confronts History of White Womanhood / Chicago Tribune Jun 20, 2020

Commentary: I'm sick of being lumped with other 'Karens” / Chicago Tribune Aug 5, 2020

KAT FLYN, Death of a Racist Stereotype, 2021


Death of a Racist Stereotype, 2021

assemblage sculpture: Antique large handmade wood racist “Dancing Dan” puppet with exaggerated lips and distressed clothes, handmade trumpet, old wood handmade coffin. Can be a wall object or shelf object

30h x 10w x 7d in


Aunt Jemima to Change Branding Based on “Racial Stereotype” / BBC NEWS 17 June 2020

Racist African stereotypes are as prevalent as ever on TV / The Guardian Aug 28, 2019

Six Dr Seuss books will no longer be published because they perpetuate racial stereotypes / CNN March 2, 2021

How the news media vilified Black Americans / NYT Jul 14, 2021

KAT FLYN, Divided We Stand, 2021


Divided We Stand, 2021

Boxing ring fashioned out of an old wood box surrounded by an advertisement featuring circus performers. Old hand carved wood boxers, hand painted “Blue versus Red” letters on handmade wood flag

13h x 19w x 8d in


How the United States Became a Nation Divided / WSJ Dec 17, 2019 America's Never-Ending Culture War / NY Times Aug 24, 2018 How does this end?/ VOX Jan 3, 2022
Why is America so divided? / USC News Nov 23, 2021

KAT FLYN, Busload of Aliens Heading for the Border, 2021


Busload of Aliens Heading for the Border, 2021

Vintage handmade toy bus made out of tin cans, 16 vintage Star Wars figures,

8h x 12w x 4d in


Mexican-U.S. Border: A look at the migrant caravan by the numbers / AJC Nov 26, 2018 The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant / NYT Mar 31, 2018
Trump makes grisly case for a border wall, describing beheadings and hammer murders / CNBC Jan 8, 2019

KAT FLYN, They/Them, 2021


They/Them, 2021

assemblage sculpture: Handmade and painted shrine, vintage wood glass eye religious statue of Jesus in painted pink slip, vintage hand carved Trans girl & boy. Can be a wall object or stand alone

21h x 10w x 6d in


He hoped no one would care’: Man pleads guilty in murder, attempted murder of transgender victims / Birmingham News Jun 17, 2019

Pronouns Offers Perspective of a Trans Teen / Chicago Tribune Oct 17, 2016 Texas bans transgender high school athletes / Houston Chronicle Oct 20, 2021

KAT FLYN, Born On Third, 2021


Born On Third, 2021

Handmade wood game board - antique, used & saved distressed coin purses - 1 antique tintype in Victorian case of mixed race family, 1 antique tintype in case of Black woman, 1 distressed tintype in case of white man and 1 distressed tintype of Black young man with white hat & white shoes and antique photo pin of white girl. White wood stairway with hand carved & painted white man climbing up and dark brown staircase with Black man climbing.

17h x 16w x 3d in


When Culture Really Began to Reckon With White Privilege / NT Times Dec 9 2020
Black men face economic disadvantages even if they start out in wealthier households / PBS Mar 21, 2018

Diversity and the Myth of White Privilege / WSJ Jul 22, 2020

KAT FLYN, All Aboard, 2021


All Aboard, 2021

Vintage suitcase with racist sheet music photo transfers on sides and cast iron locomotive on top. Inside: Antique sheet music, 2 handmade wood racist stereotype dancing toys with wire, “porter” head wallpaper, sliding antique railroad clipboard

18h x 15w x 5d in


America's Long Overdue Awakening to Systemic Racism / TIME Jun 11, 2020
White Privilege: The Elephant in Minnesota's Living Room / Star Tribune May 20, 2014 To Understand structural racism, look to our schools / Seattle Times Jun 28, 2020

KAT FLYN, Under Repair, 2021


Under Repair, 2021

assemblage sculpture: Three vintage wood handmade and jointed dancing racist stereotype figures painted as Uncle Sam, one handmade vintage painted wood stereotype cutout. Handmade painted wood American flag. Vintage small wood sawhorse. Small vintage weathered saw.

28h x 22w x 9d in


The Montana’s ? New maps highlight state's split personality / Idaho Statesman Oct 21, 2021 See a broken and divided nation? Here's one thing we all can do to help / Houston Chronicle Nov 16, 2020
How the U.S. Became a Nation Divided / WSJ Dec 17, 2019

KAT FLYN, Insurrection, 2021


Insurrection, 2021

assemblage sculpture: handmade & painted wood men, hand carved & painted wood eagle, 1 old wood puppet, old birdcage remade into the US Capitol, antique wrought iron church candle holder used as a stand, old flag

20h x 16w x 14d inches


Our President Wants us Here / NYT Nov 10, 2021
How Americans morphed into a mob / Washington Post Nov 9, 2021
Republicans spin Capitol insurrection as normal discourse/ Miami Herald 2/8/22
GOP Leaders in Louisiana with Trump even as other Republicans Split / The Advocate Jan 9, 2021

KAT FLYN, Sentinel Species, 2020


Sentinel Species, 2020

vintage wood skittle bowling pins & ball, antique distressed wood framed box with green wood swinging doors, antique wood cheese cutter with painted skull, old wood box surrounded by painted photo transfer heads, handmade metal miniature hospital gurney

13h x 11w x 20d in


Louisiana hospitals, with vaccine-hesitant employees, are wary of mandating vaccines / Times-Picayune Jul 24, 2021

An estimated 115,000 health workers have died from Covid-19 / Stat News Oct 20, 2021 Health Workers, 'Risking Their Own Lives to Save Ours / NY Times Jan 11' 2022
How health care workers went from “heroes to villains”/ NBC News Oct 5, 2021

KAT FLYN, Noah's Slaughterhouse, 2020


Noah's Slaughterhouse, 2020

assemblage sculpture: painted wood building refashioned out of an old seed box, constructed old wood toy boat to resemble the Ark, vintage carved & painted animals and people, wood smokestacks, old wood constructed billboard with antique carved cow with painted advertising

20h x 18w x 8d in


Rising seas, stronger hurricanes: Climate report paints grim picture for South Louisiana /Times-Picayune Aug 9, 2021
Wildlife Collapse From Climate Change is Predicted to Hit Suddenly and Sooner/NYT Apr 12,2020 Earth could lose third of all animal and plant species in our lifetimes, scientist warn/ NY Post Feb 13, 2020

KAT FLYN, Greek Chorus, 2020


Greek Chorus, 2020

assemblage sculpture: handmade wood stage and stands. Antique hand painted racist metal caricature face of a Black man. Wood carving of a young Black man lying in front of the stage. Antique wood & cardboard policemen game pieces, vintage hand painted wood skittles bowling pins. American flag curtains.

12h x 12w x 12d in


Police Culture on Trial in Case Against Officers in Killing of George Floyd, / NYT Jan 24, 2022

Huge protests against racism held across US / BBC Jun 7, 2020
George Floyd protests aren't just happening in big cities / ABC News June 20,2020

KAT FLYN, First Lessons, 2020


First Lessons, 2020

assemblage sculpture: Antique homemade shoeshine box, antique brush with hand carved initials, small hand brush, handmade & painted "10 cents shine" Sign made into a billboard, Antique Banner shoe stain polish with logo of Black boy shining shoes, handmade racist Dancing Dan dancer toy symbolizing Jim Crow, Antique tintype of African American young man

13h x 12w x 10d in


Black Workers, Already Lagging, Face Big Economic Risks / NYT Jun 2, 2020 The Disparate Racial Impact of Requiring a College Degree / WSJ Jun 28, 2020 Living with Segregation/American Experience PBS
Dealing with our Segregated Jim Crow Educational System / NYT May 21, 2021

KAT FLYN, The Science is Not Settled, 2020


The Science is Not Settled, 2020

assemblage sculpture: antique wood & glass cigarette display case form small country store when cigarettes were 15 cents (1930-40's), Hand made & painted wood cigarette smoke stacks, vintage hand painted wood “Phillip Morris” cigarette advertising boy in bellhop uniform (“Call for Phillip Morris”), 2020 paper mask, 10 unopened vintage camel cigarette packs

24h x 20w x 5d in


7 Anti-Science Myths We All Need To Unlearn / Forbes Dec 9, 2020
From ' Smoking Doesn't Kill' to Conversion Therapy / Newsweek Feb 27, 2020

Covid-19 and the rise of anti-science / PubMed Feb 22, 2021

KAT FLYN, Secondary Education, 2020


Secondary Education, 2020

assemblage sculpture: Antique wood box fashioned into a one-room schoolhouse with schoolbell tower, antique slate school chalkboard made into a door, hand painted photo transfers on wood & slate of original antique photos of Black children taken from my personal vintage photo collection, Antique tintype of African American woman, antique hand carved primitive folk art dolls, antique schoolbooks

expanded view: 18h x 18w x 6d


School Data Finds Pattern of Inequality Along Racial Lines/ NYT Mar 24,2014

Mississippi senators pass anti-CRT bill despite Black Democrats walkout/ FOX News Jan 21, 2022
With equity resolution, Birmingham schools pushes state critical race theory ban / Birmingham News Oct 12, 2021

KAT FLYN, The American Way, 2020


The American Way, 2020

assemblage sculpture: vintage wood boxes containing 20 vintage handmade & painted wood toy game men, vintage hand held dexterity game that reads “The American Way – Liberty and Justice for All”.

16h x 9w x 3d in


Inequality and Our Capitalist System/ NYT Jul, 2020
Act now to repair our broken capitalism / Star Tribune Jan 14, 2019

Let's explore the history of 'class warfare' / Star Tribune Sep 24, 2011

KAT FLYN, Choice, 2020


Choice, 2020

assemblage sculpture: Tramp Art child's dresser refashioned into a courtroom, 6 hand carved & painted supreme court judges in little robes, 3 painted shadow-people cutouts of the remaining supreme court judges, old cloth flag, metal moving parts handmade dancehall girl representing all women

21h x 17w x 8d in


The Pro-Life Movement Plans For A Future Without Roe / New Yorker Dec 7, 2021

Jan, 22, 1973: The day that changed America / Washington Post Jan 22, 2022
The Law of Abortion and the Court of Public Opinion / WSJ Dec 3, 2021
Republicans seek to ban abortion in Florida after 15 weeks / Miami Herald Jan 11, 2022

KAT FLYN, Ozymandias, 2020


Ozymandias, 2020

assemblage sculpture: Hand painted and carved Uncle Sam statue, separated head, antique pocket watch holder as podium, vintage bisque Black baby, carved white baby, and antique hand carved racist dancing dan toy, handmade wood bus bench, 2 painted wood planks from old house.

8h x 18w x 12d in


Tempers Flare Over Removal of Confederate Statues in New Orleans /NYT May 7, 2017

Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee statue removed in New Orleans / Times-Picayune May 19, 2017

Removing statutes is not removing history / Star Tribune Jun 12, 2020

KAT FLYN, Hop Ching, 2019


Hop Ching, 2019

assemblage sculpture: old wood Chinese Checkers board framed by antique wood & brass toy train tracks & hand painted & inlayed old wood, hand carved wood racist stereotype dancing toy, Victorian racist caricature Trade Cards (business cards from that period advertising a business or service).

22h x 18w x 4d in


A long history of bigotry against Asian Americans / Harvard Gazette Mar 24, 2021

Suspect told Asian woman to “speak English” before assault / NY Post Jul 26 2021
San Francisco to apologize for wrongs to Chinese immigrants / SF Chronicle Feb 1, 2022

KAT FLYN, Beyond the Wall, 2019


Beyond the Wall, 2019

assemblage sculpture: unusual antique racist carnival baseball toss game-head of racist stereotype Mexican man (hat knocks off when hit with ball), Wall constructed of wood with acrylic paintings & drawings of Mexican asylum seekers and Gandhi's shadow, vintage metal toy donkey, rusted nails barrier across top of wall, wood handmade cutouts of soldier, a fast food icon and a white vigilante

16h x 21w x 10d in


As number of immigrants behind bars soars under Trump, Louisiana becomes detention hub/ Times-Picayune News Oct 19, 2019
Immigrant Children Separated at the Border / Houston Chronicle Mar 4. 2020

Migrants returned to Mexico describe horror of kidnappings / NBC News Sep 29, 2021

KAT FLYN, Quotas, 2019


Quotas, 2019

assemblage sculpture: old wood frame holding 20 handmade heads attached to metal counting levers inside shelf that reads “Immigration Counting Game”, 10 hand carved wood heads below, old wood box with Miss Liberty on front, old pencil box with American flag & eagle & graffiti, 3 hand carved wood statues of stereotype refugees.

31h x 12w x 3d in


If passed, this bill will end Hispanic workforce immigration / Miami Herald Sep 21, 2019

Facing Up to the Racist Legacy of America's Immigration Laws/ NYT Oct 28' 2021

Congress tried to fix immigration back in 1986. Why did it fail? /WAPO Jan 30, 2013

KAT FLYN, Asylum, 2017


Asylum, 2017

assemblage sculpture: old wood boat, wood hand painted paddles, carved ethnic Statue of Liberty, wood waves

45h x 32w x 10d in


Taking Hard Line, Greece Turns Back Migrants by Abandoning Them at Sea/ NYT Aug 14, 2020

Coast Guard says 176 Haitian migrants arrived off the Keys in an overloaded sailboat/ Miami Herald Jan 10, 2022

As More Migrants Die at Sea, EU and Aid Groups Are at Odds on Approach/ WSR Aug 18

KAT FLYN, The Doll House, 2017


The Doll House, 2017

assemblage sculpture: painted photos on wood of old dolls in windows, constructed house, wood sign, rabbit bouncer

15h x 10w x 10d in


Man sentenced to 20 years for trafficking teen girls.../ Denver Post Feb 27, 2020
NYC's Sex Trafficking Epidemic / NY Post Dec 5, 2020
Matt Gaetz associate admits both men had sex with teen girl / NY Post Apr 29, 2021
Jerry Epstein in South Florida: A constant search for new girls / Sun-Sentinel Apr 11, 2019 

Press Release

30 March 2022 (New Orleans, LA) JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition of San Diego-based artist Kat Flyn entitled Ripped from the Headlines. In this suite of twenty-five new sculptures, Flyn critically reacts to current events and employs such themes as: racism, immigration, gender inequality, and climate change. Over the years, Flyn has amassed a trove of artifacts and collectables which she began using to create assemblage art in the 1990’s. Flyn seeks out collectibles and artifacts to create a visual narrative of the zeitgeist of inequality and racism in the United States. Flyn refers to her artistic genre as Political Art and Protest Art and exclusively illustrates socioeconomic narratives and cultural iconography in her work.


The artist says of the exhibition...


The works in this show deal with topics that have been in the news over the past decade - Black Lives Matter, Immigration, CRT and Systemic Racism, Human Trafficking, Climate Change, the Pandemic, and Immigration. While newspapers have covered each of these topics, in this show I present an alternative approach. Each work is meant as a visual essay. The goal is to lead the viewer to evaluate (or maybe re-evaluate) their own views through a nonverbal presentation of each topic.


Since it's my aim to stimulate consideration of these current event topics through a nonverbal approach, I do not wish to (verbally) describe each work here. Of course, my own views permeate each work, some more than others but this still leaves room for the viewer to disagree with me. There is also no doubt that each work overly generalizes its topic, but that seems to me to be okay since this leaves the viewer with room to mentally add their own specific critiques to the visual essay.


The exhibition will be on view from 30 March to 28 March 2022, with an opening reception coinciding with the Arts District of New Orleans’ (ADNO) First Saturday Gallery Openings from 5-8 PM on 2 April. There will also be a closing reception from 5-8 PM on 7 May in conjunction with the annual event Jammin’ On Julia which brings thousands of people to the Art District for an unofficial post-Jazz Fest block party.


For more information, press or sales inquiries please contact Gallery Director Matthew Weldon Showman at 504.343.6827 or Please join the conversation with JFG on Facebook (@JonathanFerraraGallery), Twitter (@JFerraraGallery), and Instagram (@JonathanFerraraGallery) via the hashtags: #KatFlyn, #RippedfromtheHeadlines, #JonathanFerraraGallery, and #ArtsDistrictNewOrleans.


KAT FLYN is a self-taught assemblage artist working presently out of San Diego. She began her career as a costume designer in Southern California. Over the years she amassed a trove of artifacts and collectables which she began using to create assemblage art in the 1990’s. In 2000 she sold her business and moved to Cuyamaca, a remote community in the mountains outside of San Diego to devote herself exclusively to her artwork. In 2003 her work was interrupted when the Cedar Fire swept through San Diego county and destroyed the forest, her home & studio along with almost all of her collections and works of art. Following the fire she relocated to San Francisco, where she spent a decade concentrating on her art in her studio in SOMA and exhibiting at galleries in the Bay Area. In 2015 she returned to San Diego and now works out of her studio in La Jolla, exhibiting there and in Los Angeles.


Kat Flyn refers to herself as an Assemblage Sculptor and her works as Political Art or Protest Art. She separates herself from other assemblage artists in that she only employs “saved” as opposed to “found” objects in her work; and her pieces always have a political or cultural narrative to them rather than being surreal or abstract. She also constructs or refashions many of the pieces which she uses in her art – a soft drink box into a tenement building (Affordable Housing 2017), a jewelry box into a wheel chair (Last Lily Foot 2016), an old shoe shine box into a hearse (Katrina 2018). The result is her work is closer in appearance to Folk Art than Assemblage Art.


The artist says of her practice...


Strictly speaking I am an assemblage artist, but in fact I construct more than assemble my works. I search out collectables, artifacts and wood carvings and then build scenes to make statements regarding American society. Even when using artifacts from earlier centuries, my theme is almost always about contemporary America. Social injustice, racism, sexism, and violence - aspects of our national psyche – exist in the present but have their seeds planted in our past. Additionally, the artifacts I use, often are meant to amplify the meaning of the work. For instance, the Black stereotype wood figures I use in many of my pieces were almost certainly crafted by a White person. By using such artifacts I ask: what kind of society produces such items in the first place?


In my art I make a strict distinction between found objects and saved objects. A found object - which most assemblage artists use in their works - is devoid of intrinsic or emotional value, having been discarded by its owner as worthless or broken. A saved object on the other hand has retained value, either because it was intrinsically valuable or because emotional value had been added to it (such as a photograph, an old shoe, a vintage toy) and consequently it was saved rather than discarded. The fact that I only use “saved objects” often results in viewers being attracted to the individual pieces within my works rather than seeing the narrative I am attempting to portray.


The pieces on display in this exhibit stretch from my early works such as my Ghost Portrait Series - where I attempt to capture a sense of what life might have been like for the person featured in each work – right up to my current work, which I loosely label “Ripped From The Headlines” - where I deal with contemporary issues such as prison reform, climate change, immigration, #MeToo, and #Black Lives Matter. I try to keep my visual presentation somewhat on the cartoonish side, which may seem odd given the seriousness of the subject matter – racism, poverty, immigration etc. However, I have found that viewers’ initial response to my work is more favorable when I visually phrase my topic in this way. My goal is to get viewers to pause long enough to see past the art and into the narrative advanced by my work.