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new paintings + photography

May 31 – July 15, 2023

TRENITY THOMAS, A Warm Memory, 2022
TRENITY THOMAS, Mixed Media on Cowboy, 2019
TRENITY THOMAS, Just Hanging, 2023
TRENITY THOMAS, Lemons in Cowboy Hat, 2023
TRENITY THOMAS, Whatchu Got?, 2022
TRENITY THOMAS, Flash of Music, 2019
TRENITY THOMAS, Follow the Music, 2019
TRENITY THOMAS, Coming Down with Sounds, 2019
TRENITY THOMAS, Light as a Leaf, 2022
TRENITY THOMAS, Loyalty, 2020
TRENITY THOMAS, Red Cowboy, 2021
TRENITY THOMAS, Cowboy Looks Right, 2019
TRENITY THOMAS, Cowboy Looks Left, 2019
TRENITY THOMAS, Cowboy ///, 2020
TRENITY THOMAS, Flamingo and Cowboy, 2020
TRENITY THOMAS, Together, 2020
TRENITY THOMAS, Looking Right on the Right Side, 2020
TRENITY THOMAS, Want You Around, 2021
TRENITY THOMAS, Lemonade, 2020
TRENITY THOMAS, Teenage Summer, 2021
TRENITY THOMAS, Man and Dog, 2021


T R E N I T Y   T H O M A S   | | |   biography

[lives & works – New Orleans, LA  :::  b. 1999, Westwego, LA] 

TRENITY THOMAS is a self-taught photographer who has also experimented with painting and sketching since grade school. As a photographer, he has worked in a myriad of genres including fashion, lifestyle, editorial, conceptual, sports, portraiture, and nightlife photography. As a photographer, Trenity uses his camera to capture the life and composition of still life around him. His photographs have a warmth to them that pulls the viewer into the scene as if they were present - a feature that has become characteristic of his photographic style. 


Trenity Thomas has been in various juried exhibitions, most recently, JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY's 24th Annual NO DEAD ARTISTS International Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Art and the Louisiana Contemporary juried exhibition presented by The Helis Foundation at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans, Louisiana. His photographs have also received international attention when they were chosen for exhibition in photovogue, a prestigious collection of photographs curated by the Photo Editors of Vogue Italia.