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Distinguishable from Magic



"I examine how networks take on similar structural properties and characteristics under various conditions. By comparing the visual compositions and behaviors of networks, I use art as a tool to draw parallels between them. It is my goal to visually reveal that no matter how simple or complex, macro or micro, clustered or dispersed, networks are similar and therefore generate highly predictive qualities over cross-disciplinary systems. Whether natural, technological, social or material, networks shape our entire lives and imply how everything in our universe tends to work in a highly interconnected way. As John Muir once said, “[w]hen you tug at a single thing in the universe you find that it is attached to everything else.” I aim to illuminate the common threads that link people, ideas, places, and objects together to promote our innate bonds and inevitable dependence. My work has evolved from making comparisons between networks (i.e. molecular systems, social networks, neural pathways, freeways systems, etc.) into a deep analysis of an important question: how does connectivity influence our lives and our future?"