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Julia Street and Beyond

Nearby at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery hang the geometric paintings and drawings of Indianapolis artist Marna Shopoff in “Unusual Places, Unusual Spaces.” Shopoff’s artist’s statement asserts “My work is responsive and intuitive, creating an interpretation of a place, a layered representation of it.” The Structuralist films of Ernie Gehr come to mind when viewing Shopoff’s fractured arrangement of planes and altered spaces. 


Certainly, paintings such as Layered and The Other Side evoke a sense of riding in a glass elevator inside a skyscraper. Shopoff achieves multilayered depth through careful arrangement of shards of flat color, and though shapes such as triangles and rectangles are repeated throughout, “Unusual Places, Unusual Spaces” manages to depict a new view from work to work.


Written by Marian S. McClellan