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ON VIEW: "Anthropocene" by Richelle Gribble at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

"Anthropocene," a solo exhibition by Richelle Gribble, is now on view at New Orleans' Jonathan Ferrara Gallery through July 14th.
Exploring the concept of man's impact on and relationship with the environment, Gribble's work acts to connect humans to nature through her tactile, colorful, and multi-layer works. Her current solo exhibition is the culmination of a series of works created in studio and residencies working directly with scientists at institutions including NASA and Planet Labs, an Earth-imaging satellite company.


"I explore life at all levels of living systems – organisms, social systems, and ecosystems – to examine and promote our interdependence. By visually revealing structural patterns and characteristics between cross-disciplinary networks, the distinctions between our social, biological, and technological networks blur into one integrated system, our connected Earth. My work has evolved from making comparisons between networks (i.e. molecular systems, social networks, neural pathways, freeways systems, etc.) into a deep analysis of an important question: how does connectivity, for better or for worse, influence our lives and our future?”  

​- Richelle Gribble 

Written by Julia Buntaine