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Paul Villinski featured in International Review

In the vicinity was New York artist Paul Villinski's FEMA-style trailer-- more handsome, spacious and lightfilled than the government models, minus the formaldehyde fumes that made them toxic. The dwelling has a geodesic skylight, a large window, an exterior wall that drops down as a platform, and a neatly compact bedroom and bathroom. Powered by solar panels, it generated enough energy to also light the house next to it. Villinski, who has spent much time in New Orleans throughout his life, conceived the mobile live/work studio in response to the displacement of New Orleans artists after Katrina. A sort of downsized, transportable Usonian house for the 21st century, it recalls other inventive shelter projects by Krzysztof Wodiczko, Andrea Zittel and Samuel Mockbee.


Written by Lilly Wei