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While most online art exhibitions are simply an extension of artworks displayed in a physical gallery, there are several organizations dedicated solely to exhibiting virtual works. Their existence validates a desire to push the boundaries of art venues into the future. The internet may provide direct and instant access to art, but curated content offers thematic continuity amongst the works.


The latest virtual exhibition, Distinguishable from Magic, curated by Marnie Benneyfor the Sci Art Centre of New York, features 12 Sci Art Centre member artists (Amber Anderson, Linda Behar, Jared Vaughan Davis, Greg Dunn, Cedric Van Eenoo, Anna Fine Foer, Richelle Gribble, Constance Halporn, Alinta Krauth, Robert Krawczyk, Sam Talbot-Kelly, and Leila Christine Nadir). These artworks touch on several scientific disciplines. Distinguishable from Magic asks the viewer to consider what constitutes our humanity in light of novel technological advances, as they become increasingly integrated into our existence.


Richelle Gribble‘s drawings are both informative and aesthetically impressive. Her use of colour draws immediate attention to the themes of each piece.  She reinvents the modern day infographic by surrealistically presenting the subject matter in her drawings. Her work Intertwined-3 best captures the exhibition’s theme. The iconic sun boasting adjustable brightness reduces our visible reality to a few simple keystrokes. Leaving our invisible reality – our existence through memories and their communication – perched on a tree. Intertwined-3 leaves me wondering: What would be left if our virtual identities were devoid of all power?


Written by Julia Krolik