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Artist Statement

I divide my life and art into two parts. The first 29 years in my native Kiev Ukraine, where I was born and raised and received my education. In 1992 I immigrated to the United States. In the past 27 years I have lived in Louisiana.  It is difficult to say which way my development as an artist would have gone if I had stayed in Ukraine. I do know that  the past  29 years have proven to be a very intense and stimulating learning experience. I have had the opportunity to learn a new language, experience new customs and cultures, was able to travel, visited museums and cities that in my youth I read and studied about in art history and literature. I have been able to study the world history from a different perspective. This windfall of new emotions and experiences has greatly enforced my self education and development as an artist. It has brought new ideas and inspiration. I have followed my intuition and feelings in an attempt to develop a story based on my visual language.  I have utilized images of old engravings and photographs, have searched for answers while painting. My paintings and drawings are figurative. The images that I adapt and personify as specific characters speak metaphorically about my personal experiences.   My recent body of work is a study of a question of autobiographic memory and personhood, emotional development, suffering, journey toward self-knowledge and relationship between past and present. I am searching for images that help me to reconstruct my past as a part of relationships with others. The characters in these paintings help me express feelings, sensibilities and moral being matters. In the process of working on this series I chose to render paintings in black and white and sepia palette, combination of low-key and chiaroscuro dramatically shadowed unbalanced composition was inspired by Film Noir and German expressionism and coherent with imagery that I borrowed from old photos of my family in Ukraine and my wife Mary Kay's family here in the US. Some of these images are 150 years old. I assembled images to create poetic expression of the material world and suggest specific ideas, dealing with memories and temporality, personal histories of its characters. The concepts of time and remembrance explored through socially changing framework of world history and where I am trying to express a sense of universal oneness.